Happiness is a choice, but more importantly, it’s activated by action. 

Action that you have to take. No one can do it for you.

Real happiness comes from living your purpose, but most people never even find out their purpose.


  1. They don’t take the time to think about what they desire.
  2. They don’t enjoy silence or being on their own, which is when thinking can happen. Silence and thought are essential to finding purpose.
  3. They don’t value themselves and lack confidence, rather seeking the approval of others instead of going after their heart’s desires.
  4. They find a career before they find their calling, and then their career becomes the habit of their lives.
  5. They are emotionally crippled and therefore don’t take the steps that would lead them to their destiny.

So how do you find your life’s purpose?

In the silence, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What has God already placed on my heart?
  2. What am I passionate about? Or what charges me up the most?
  3. How am I naturally gifted?

What now?

Now, make a list of your heart’s desires – these are slightly different to your passions, which should be on another list.

Your heart’s desires are things you’ve wanted to do in your life; perhaps it’s owning your own business, or climbing Mount Everest. I’m not talking about a bucket list (ha ha, that’s yet another list!), but rather the things you’ve wanted to achieve. It could even be weight loss.

Make a decision to do something. Take one of those heart’s desires, and start praying about it.

At the same time, create a practical plan to achieve it. Research some things if that’s what it takes.

Since this site is aimed at people who have struggled to lose weight for many years, let’s say you choose weight loss and getting healthy as the desire of your heart to work on first.

For the first week, you could create a simple plan like this:

  1. Do 10 minutes of walking every day.
  2. Do 10 sit-ups every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Add a side plate of raw food to every meal.
  4. Get motivated by watching one inspirational YouTube video every day.

There you go. That’s your plan for the week. It’s realistic and achievable. Make sure that your plan is always realistic, otherwise you’ll set yourself up for failure. Take into consideration time and resources.

Remember that slow progress is still progress, and that happiness is not only a choice, but also an action.

Set yourself up to succeed.

You are likely to find that when you start taking action, you already become a lot happier.

Do something every day that brings you closer to achieving your heart’s desires.

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