Join other food addicts and overeaters who finally discovered the solution and won the battle.

The Phat Madame NO MORE! Email Based Program is designed to heal food addicts and overeaters.

Why this program works for weight loss while diets and diet products don’t

66% of people who lose weight, put it back on after 6 months.

That's because they are not focusing on the root cause of why they are overweight in the first place.

But now, Phat Madame NO MORE! is an email based program that addresses the reason you are battling to lose weight and keep it off for good.

The Phat Madame NO MORE! program will change and enhance every area of your life and put an end to useless dieting & products:

  • No suffering from diets or feeling deprived
  • Experience revelation after revelation as you find the answers you've been searching for that lead to permanent weight loss
  • Get the tools you need to finally be free from food addiction and overeating

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Talking of tools...

Here's a secret about weight loss that you can take away with you right now:

Instant Take-Home Secret

Being overweight is a symptom of something gone wrong. Diets don’t work because they don’t address this; they merely cover up the problem like a band-aid.

The greatest secret about permanent weight loss, is developing a healthy love and care for yourself and your needs. The primary reason you overeat or are drawn to junk foods, is that you are using food to nurture and reward yourself.

But developing a healthy self-respect is far easier said than done for the food addict or overeater, so the Phat Madame NO MORE! program helps lead you every step of the way, into loving who you are now, while you work towards your end goals.

What will the Phat Madame NO MORE! program do for you?

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Improve your life in it’s entirety

Because the program is emotion-focused instead of diet-based, not only will you lose weight for good, but also improve your life as a whole, as you come to new realizations about yourself.

Get to the root of the problem

Lose weight permanently because you will be focusing on the root cause of the problem, not on the symptom, which is being overweight.

No dieting or feeling deprived

There is no dieting, dieting products or deprivation involved. As you deal with the emotional reasons for being addicted to food or overeating, you will begin to lose the weight naturally.

Live the life you want, in a body you love.

If you’re sick of trying diets and products that don’t work in the long-term, it’s time to address the root cause of the problem.
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How does the Phat Madame NO MORE! program work?

Every 3rd day, you will receive a lesson by email. Every lesson consists of reading material and practical applications to follow.

The program starts by addressing the root cause of why you overeat, or are addicted to food. Later on, it provides tricks that disrupt your current eating habits, so that you can actually start losing weight, but without dieting or cutting out the foods you love.

In addition, the program helps build your self-confidence so that you can enjoy your life, right now, as you are, no matter your size, while you work on losing weight and conquering food issues.

The program works to give you understanding not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional level.

As a result, not only will you lose weight permanently, but also increase your emotional intelligence, which will improve your life in it's entirety.

Invest in yourself and your happiness. Buy the Phat Madame NO MORE! program.

You could start changing your life from this very day.

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